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How Reward the World™ is Seeing Success With Foreworth

We had the opportunity to sit down with our clients at Reward the World, to learn more about their experience with our platform and how they’ve been using it to improve their team’s operations.

Reward the World is a global digital rewards solutions provider that offers millions of digital entertainment choices to help encourage and reward the behaviors and outcomes that businesses desire. CEO and founder Denis Huré, the visionary leader behind their incredible digital rewards platform, Head of Development, Sergio Paulino, and Senior Developer, Yolanda Gonzalez, joined us to share their thoughts on Foreworth after a few months of use. 

Foreworth: To jump right in, when you first discovered Foreworth, what did you find most interesting about the platform?

Denis: Being in the innovation space, we spend a lot of time looking at new products and services to see whether they’re applicable internally to help us gain implementation speed, quality of development, team efficiency, or externally, to provide some benefit to our clients and their own customers.  

Foreworth is what we believe to be the first true code-assessment platform, and its adoption has given us a real competitive advantage. 

Foreworth’s platform has given us internal visibility into the quality of our platform development, and provided our major clients with the ability to instantly check our own platform’s quality and security–and (when we arrive at that stage), it will provide our investors with automatic valuation and quality metrics on our platform development. 

Sergio: For the dev team, the ability to verify our code quality and the evolution of our digital rewards platform from a technical viewpoint was what got us on board. It also helps us to communicate better with management.

With Foreworth, we can now provide critical data on where we need to focus resources and how much of those resources we need to allocate to improve specific areas of our ecosystem. 

Foreworth: One of Foreworth’s core goals is to help our clients to achieve better productivity and efficiency in development. How has Foreworth been helping you to improve development productivity? 

Denis: Foreworth’s accessible 3D visualization tool and the scoring system allow us to better prioritize our development efforts and provides some really detailed information on where we need to spend our resources to improve security and compliance, update our code and components, and so on.  

With these tools, it’s now easy to see where we’re falling behind, and work to fix those issues in a smart and informed way. 

It also provides cost estimates for each change, which helps a lot with planning and budgeting. 

Sergio: For us, the ability to identify security risks on our platform and have the option to target them immediately by knowing exactly where they are coming from, has been a big productivity booster. 

The software architecture insights we get with Foreworth, also help us pinpoint structural challenges and unnecessary code complexity, which has been great for managing our refactoring and maintenance efforts. 

Yolanda: Yeah, this has been great for managing our refactoring and maintenance efforts. It also helps us with visualizing and understanding the size and scope of our applications. Since we’re working on evolving the structure of our platform, which our current architecture is allowing us to do, instead of re-platforming. 


Foreworth: We’re glad it’s been such a help. What has been the biggest advantage you’ve gained since using our platform so far? 

Denis: The biggest advantage, for us, has been how it has helped the entire company to focus on key issues and challenges and to ensure our priorities are defined and aligned with our key objectives.  

For example, in just a few months, we have already improved our quality and security score to an amazing level, all with better control of our budget. 


Foreworth: Denis, how do you see Reward the World relationship with Foreworth’s platform in the upcoming years?

Denis: In most companies, the CFO or finance director has a financial dashboard to help them run their business. We believe that Foreworth has the ability to become the go-to dashboard for any CIO or CTO and anyone else at the head of development. 
At Reward the World, Foreworth’s platform is our Technology & Development dashboard. The Key Performance Indicators and metrics it provides are definitely going to be at the center of our corporate planning strategy going forward. 

Foreworth: We often hear tech leaders say they’re worried about the push-back from their devs when it comes to tools that analyze or assess their code. What would you say to technical leads or other software engineers who are debating whether to adopt something like Foreworth? 

Sergio: For tech leads, I think Foreworth’s platform provides a great analysis and breakdown of your application's architecture and technical health. This can really help your team to decide on the best steps and procedures to correct or improve your application choke points. 

Yolanda: I would say, for dev teams like ours, where you have regularly scheduled code reviews, this makes the process so much simpler–and it’s so secure. The code never even leaves your servers, so there’s a great sense of control and safety with using Foreworth’s platform. 

Denis: Since we can track the efficiency of each dev team and their members, this provides us great insight on what extra training a team and their members may benefit from. And more training they get better they are at their job.

Learn more about how Reward the World makes digital rewards fun, easy, and exciting for both businesses and consumers, here. For more information on Foreworth’s platform and how we support more efficient and productive software development, book a demo to speak with one of our experts today. 

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